A dogs thoughts

To my owner and caregiver, I was so happy the day that you brought me to my new home. You feed me, walk me, clean up after me, and take care of my medical needs. There is just one problem.....my grooming.

No matter whether my hair is short or long, I like to be clean just like you. I may not be crazy about water, or the brush, but it sure does feel good to be clean, and get rid of my shedding, or matted hair. To get a nice moisturizing shampoo to get rid of my dry skin, and to be flea free.

Grooming is not torture, although I may act like it is sometimes. It is up to you to make sure that I am groomed regularly whether I like it or not. You don't like going to the Dentist, but you go anyway, right?

Regular monthly baths (with the right products) and groomings help to keep me and my coat healthy.

Overgrown nails hurt and can permanently twist my toes over time, sending pain through my feet and legs every time I take a step.

Mats hurt, and are best removed by clipping rather than brushing. So, please do not ask, or expect the groomer to brush and comb out my mats that you let build up in my coat by not brushing me regularly.

My haircut will only last 4 to 6 weeks before my hair grows back onto my eyes and my hair starts to mat up. Just like your own haircut, I need my grooming on a regular basis. Don't get upset at my groomer if my hair grows back too fast.

Please don't laugh, or get mad if my groomer has to shave my coat short, because no one was brushing me at home. Yes, I may get embarrassed if you make fun of my haircut.

Take the time to find a good, caring groomer, who knows what they are doing. Please do not just call around looking for whoever will groom me for the cheapest, or the soonest. You may have to wait to get me an appointment with a good groomer, because they are most likely pretty busy.

Grooming will cost more than your hair cut. My groomer pampers me, brushes and combs my whole body, clips and files my nails, cleans out my ears, gives me a nice warm, massaging bath, blow drys my hair, and gives me a beautiful haircut. Best of all, I get hugs! Isn't all of that work worth the money?

I may not always enjoy the ride to the groomer. I may even balk at walking into the Grooming Salon, but that is only because I know that I will be away from you for a while. I have to confess that I actually have a little fun trying to make you feel bad for leaving me, but once you are gone, I get a lot of loving and hugs from my groomer, and it really does feel good once I am all groomed and clean.

I can not comb and brush my own hair. I must rely on you, my owner and caregiver to keep my coat clean and healthy. I know that you are busy, so a professional grooming is just the thing.

The very best thing about being clean and groomed is all of the attention that I get when I come home from the groomers. Everyone wants to pet my nice soft, clean coat. Everyone makes a fuss over me. No one pushes me away anymore saying; "go away, you stink."

So, please dear owner, please find a good groomer to take me to on a regular schedule so that I can be happy, clean and healthy all of the time. Unconditional Love,

Your Furry Friend 

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